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Our Services


Installation of telecommunication civil infrastructure either through open cut/HDD/micro-trenching & planting of various type of manholes.

Cable Laying

Laying of fiber optic and copper cables via overhead lines (poles) or underground manholes.

Splicing and Jointing

Splicing of fiber optics and jointing of copper cables for both Exchange Side Services (ESS) & Distribution Side Services (DSS)

Testing & Commissioning

Testing and commissioning from client exchange to cabinet to distribution points (DP)

Maintenance & Restoration

Maintenance and restoration of Telekom Malaysia (TM)existing lines both for corrective and preventive maintenance (CM and PM) on daily basis.

Installation in Customer Premise (Last Mile)

Installation of drop fibers and Customer Premises Equipments (CPE) from (Distribution Point) DP to premise. Meeting clients on daily basis on behalf of client.


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